Nenonene Koffimensahn - Dream Team Togo Association
Dream Team Togo Association

Nenonene KOFFIMENSANH studied International Business. He divides his time between his association Dream Team Togo and his job in a bank. He founded the association and has been its president for five years now. Before the official declaration of the association to the Togolese and French governments, he was already doing humanitarian work with some members of the association that he had mobilised.

It ensures that the decisions taken are implemented and that the association functions correctly in terms of administration and logistics. He is also responsible for communicating about the association in the press and with members. In addition, it facilitates discussions and ensures that meetings are held.

DREAM TEAM TOGO is an international solidarity association that works in favour of orphans and street children and provides assistance to the poor and remote populations of Togo by improving their living conditions.

Nenonene is a member of the misery forum because he finds the actions commendable. “They give the opportunity to those who are never listened to, those whose life is really miserable, to express themselves and this on the World Day for overcoming Extreme Poverty, they also give the opportunity to those who are members or friends of the Extreme Poverty Forum to share their experience through the exchange of letters that they publish. These are actions that motivate and push other people who read these testimonies to react or become aware of what is happening in the world.”

The commitments of Nenonene and the Dream team Togo association are all focused on improving the living conditions of the poor, through awareness and donations. The association is confronted with the realities of the precariousness of life on the African continent and more specifically in Togo, where the members of Dream team Togo witness the misery in certain remote areas.

“What motivates me is the faith and hope of the people in the orphanage, the communities that act, and the joy of the children.” (Nenonene Koffimensahn)


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