" Rapid Disaster Relief" (RDRA)

Darwin RANYAGA ASSUAMANI, an agricultural engineer by profession, has been the national coordinator of the organisation "Aide rapide aux victimes des catastrophes" (ARVC) since 2008. He coordinates the actions of the association and ensures its proper functioning. He has been fighting against forced marriages since 2013.

ARVC in an organisation based in the city of Uvira, in the eastern region of the Democratic republic of Congo. It promotes the framework and protection of the rights of people with disabilities and fights against forced and early marriages and domestic violence.

The aim is to build a community that highlights the protection, the support and the integration of peoples who are victims or at risk . The association highlights this serious phenomenon to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This requires community integration to involve all sections of the population in the fight against these problems. ARVC is also implementing an approach through positive masculinity. Il s’agit d’un outil permettant de travailler avec les hommes et les garçons, principaux responsables de ces violations des droits de l’homme dans la communauté.



The association aims to promote the integration of victims and people at risk of forced marriage. Accompanying people is a major dimension of ARVC’s work. The aim is to be at the side of the victims to help them take care of themselves (health, education, learning a trade, etc.). The association also urges governments to ensure that children’s rights are respected. Finally, it raises awareness in communities about the rights of young girls and advocates for the development of specific laws on violations of these rights..