Gideon Oluwaseyi Adeyeni
forum' correspondent

Gideon is a community mobilizer whose interest spans the entire development spectrum; from pushing for economic equality and poverty eradication, environmental sustainability and climate justice, to the advocacy for political reform and cultural renewal.

As someone born into poverty, Gideon found himself plunged into the fight to end poverty as a young man and was glad to enlist his support for the ATD Fourth World and become a correspondent of the Forum for Overcoming Poverty when he learnt about the forum and its unrelenting work to end poverty in 2017.

He maintains that the struggle for justice is one to establish an economic system that is truly equitable, a political system that is truly democratic, an environmental system that is truly sustainable, and a cultural system that is truly dynamic, for every people and for all of humanity.

He’s been working in the recent times primarily around mobilizing young people to take a central role in the process of creating change. He is a researcher with interest in the areas of Housing Adequacy, Rural and Urban Livelihood, and Sustainable Development.

He is a member of the Campaign for Democratic and Workers Rights and the Education Rights campaign which are committed to defending the rights of workers and guaranteeing access to quality education for all, respectively, in Nigeria. He also volunteers with Africans Rising, a Pan-African movement of people and organizations working to establish justice, build peace and advance human dignity.

He is very involved in the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and has participated in participatory research on the hidden dimensions of poverty. He also went to meet people living in poverty in the “world’s biggest floating slum”, namely Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria.