Cecilia Losano
Nicola Losano Foundation

The Nicolás Losano Foundation is a family foundation located in the department of San Justo, Córdoba (Argentina), which was created seventeen years ago thanks to the legacy of our uncle Nicolás. It is currently run by Cecilia and her cousins.

The Losano Foundation aims to provide opportunities through training grants and the presentation of social impact projects in the community. We promote the training of community and health leaders in the community through training in public welfare organisations, schools and the regional hospital. Our aim is that each trainee will be able to use their new knowledge to transform and improve the institutions in which they work, thus leading the whole community to social and economic growth and improving its opportunity structure.

Our relationship with the forum goes back thirty-two years. A friendship and exchange relationship that has brought us throughout this time, new perspectives of work and exchange with other places in the world.

To illustrate the actions of the foundation, Cecilia Losano wanted to share with us a beautiful story, that of Diego Ferreyra. He is a senior computer technician and works at the Fasta Jesús de la Misericordia school in San Francisco, Córdoba, Argentina, where he led the “Abriendo caminos” project This initiative was made possible by the support of a grant from the Losano Foundation in 2017. Its objective was “technological literacy with the implementation of new technologies”.

Diego is an alumnus of the school, and as part of this project, he specialised in “Data Networks”. He refurbished the computer room and turned it into a computer lab to innovate teaching practices, strengthen skills-based education, and extend the impact to the school and neighbourhood community. The computer room transformed into a computer lab was part of the first project funded by the Losano Foundation between 2005 and 2006.

After the implementation of the equipment and the new learning proposals, the Fasta Jesús de la Misericordia school presented “Networked Classrooms” in 2022 and won the innovation competition at the 4th InnovaEduca 21 congress.