Anita Ahuja
Conserve India

Anita works for 20 years with waste pickers, clothes racks, on landfill sites in New Delhi. She funded in 1998 "conserve India" to deal with the big issues of wastes in New Delhi and to fight against poverty, allowing ragmen assuming responsabilities thanks to employment and social investment.

In 2010 she contacted the Forum du Refus de la Misère, received the Letter to Friends of the World, and finding it “very inspiring” she asked to become co-responsible for the Forum du Refus de la Misère.

Currently, Conserve India employs and trains hundreds of people who live in the most disadvantaged areas of Delhi. Together they are helping their communities to get rid of the big plastic problem. They turn the bags of waste into products that are sold with profits that can be spent in those same communities on education and welfare programs.

Anita, along with Conserve India employees, marks the World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty on October 17 and participates in the consultation on the choice of the theme. Her story of commitment has been published in the Lettre aux Amis du Monde, and recently she has participated in the reflection around the research on the hidden dimensions of poverty.


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