Accueil 9 The Forum’s correspondents 9 Martinien Moukete – Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Bonassama – Cameroon
Martinien Moukete
Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Bonassama - Cameroon

Martinien Moukete, a Cameroonian, works with the "Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Bonassama " on the coast of Cameroon where he has been project coordinator since 2015, the year the Association was created. He is responsible for implementing the vision of the association, coordinating volunteers and ensuring the administrative management of the association.

He is also a correspondent of the forum on overcoming poverty He is very mobilised for 17 October, and every year, with the association, he prepares events and mobilises young people. Martinien takes part in the forum because he recognises himself in the values of the forum; the sharing of experience on the commitment and the fight against poverty, the lessons learnt to fight against poverty. All this with the aim of making visible the testimony of people living in extreme poverty in Cameroon and contributing to the synergy of international actions against misery.

The objective of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Bonassama is to promote initiatives for peace and living together in schools and communities and to fight against poverty in the disadvantaged areas of Douala. The Association also aims to strengthen the citizenship and civic capacities of young people in disadvantaged areas. Finally, it encourages and promotes the participation of young people in local governance.

The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Bonassama is a collective of dynamic young people committed to building a society whose foundations are based on the values of peace, solidarity, listening, tolerance, harmony and dialogue. It has been campaigning for several years to encourage the involvement and mobilisation of young people in the management of social problems. It is mostly made up of young students and pupils whose main motivation is the desire to be actors of social change. Its areas of intervention are: the promotion of peace and living together, the civic engagement of young people, the education of young people in working-class neighbourhoods, social and environmental mobilisation.

“The purpose of our commitment is also to promote and disseminate the values of the World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty to a wide range of actors.”