Hassimi Sanogo

Hassimi SANOGO is the president of the SEEPAT association. He founded it with his collaborators and ex colleagues in 2013, in order to contribute to the fight against poverty, by providing access to drinking water and sanitation for the population. The association also works to protect the environment.

SEEPAT is an association of Burkinabe volunteers. The association has considerably improved the living conditions of over 100,000 people in the “Hauts-Bassins” vregion of Burkina Faso. These actions have been praised with two awards “the water and sanitation trophy” in 2018 and a prize for the best ecological innovation at the Abidjan Ecology Awards in 2021.

In 2015, SEEPAT published an article on the Forum Du Refus de la Misère. This reflects the association’s commitment to the fight against poverty and for human dignity. The association is part of the Forum because it represents an opportunity to set up a dialogue between people involved in this fight against poverty.

“Let’s refuse misery by fighting with the poorest so that they can live in dignity”.