Evambe Thompson Atra
Global Hand

Evambe Thompson ATRA is founder, president and managing director of Global Hand Cameroon. It coordinates and manages the day-to-day activities of the organisation, mobilising and animating the community. It also organises seminars and workshops on livelihoods, nature conservation and climate change.

The aim of the association is to identify opportunities to improve livelihoods, reduce poverty and engage communities in the sustainable management of natural resources.

Evambe Thompson ATRA is a member of the forum on overcoming extreme poverty because it provides a network of different actors involved in the fight against extreme poverty, and this self-help network helps Global Hand. Through the forum he was able to benefit from the experiences of other countries. The forum also provides an opportunity to expose local actions to other stakeholders.

The aim with this commitment to Forum is to educate communities about poverty reduction and to engage locals in activities that will generate income for individuals.