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Thunderclap 2014

On October 17 2014, the world comes together to join in the fight to end poverty – to... Lire la suite

Videos to reflect on the Theme 2021

Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet This... Lire la suite

International Committee for October 17 - Adam Seligman

Professor Adam Seligman (U.S.A.) Boston University, was member of the International Committee for... Lire la suite

Tackling poverty, shame and social exclusion: Pakistan

A look at poverty, shame and the wealth divide within Pakistan through the eyes of Lahore's... Lire la suite

What does October 17 represent and why is this Day important? - Donald Lee

At the occasion of the International Committee for October 17 meeting in June 2016, the members... Lire la suite