Every attitude, every gesture has to fight poverty and exclusion. There are many ways to act, regardless of our skills and availability. These messages, these testimonials reflect. Feel free to contribute.

Testimonies are published under the responsibility of the author. They are subject to validation: these will be published only if they comply, in form and substance the spirit of this day as defined in the International Charter for October 17.




The environment has a direct effect on the existence and enjoyment of economic and social rights. People living in extreme poverty are victims of environmental degradation and disasters. At the same time they teach us a lot about how we can behave and act together taking care and taking into account the land and the environment.

These words from Tapori children from different parts of the world express their commitments, dreams and wishes to celebrate October 17, 2020.


“For tomorrow, I dream of a healthy world, respectful of the environment; that is to say without pollution, without rubbish on the ground and without those long lines of cars, a world where all the animals would come out from hiding without fear as they do in those days.”

Child from France

“We sowed the seed of beans and we made a wish for each seed. Those were the wishes for the planet and for humanity.”

Children from Guatemala

“We plant to share. We plant for pleasure, for joy, for friendship.”

Tapori children from France

“In summer, we are all scared …... If it rains, we prepare for flooding. …….We have lost a lot of things like poultry and crops, etc. But we have not lost the friendship between us, the children.”

A child from Madagascar

“My dream is that one day poverty will end”.

A child from Mauritius

United States

Children’s message for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty October 17, 2015, United Nations, New York

In our neighbourhoods and schools, bullying and discrimination happen a lot. Children get bullied for things like their religion, nationality, or skin color; because they live in a shelter or answer a question wrong; or even because they were born with something that makes them stand out. This is bad, because discrimination and racism can also lead to murder.

As children, we want to stop discrimination and bullying, but it takes a lot of effort and responsibility. This means taking care of the things you have to do, and not asking or expecting other people to do everything for you. We can work together to stop this kind of behaviour by being an example of positive behaviour, by not bullying others, and by sticking up for other children who are being bullied.

As children, we take action toward a better future. We’d like to read an example shared by one of us and we hope it will inspire you to take action as well.

“I was on the ferry the other day with my sister. A kid was trying to come back to Manhattan because he was a runaway. He wanted food but he didn’t have money for it, and I saw him digging in the garbage. My sister had given me twenty dollars so I could get food on the ferry. I spent most of my money on getting food for the boy because he didn’t have anything. His clothes were all dirty. He sat next to me and the guy that was sitting in front of me said: “Move away! Move away!" I said, “No, no!” Maybe this man told me to move because he saw how I was dressed and how the boy was dressed. He was looking out for my safety, but from the boy’s side it was discrimination because of how he was dressed.

My sister started talking to the little boy, and I told her, “You don’t even know him.” My sister said, “Yeah, you didn’t know him either but you bought him food. Why don’t you just be a friend and talk?” Then I started talking to him and when I asked him where he lived, he left. We tried to find him before we got off the ferry but we didn't see him.

I did what I did because my mom always taught me that if somebody doesn’t have anything, and I have, I should at least try to help, and if he doesn’t want the help, then just let him be. Trying to force someone to do something is not the right thing to do.”

Friendship is another way to help end poverty because no child should be left without a friend, without family, without food, and without education. Being friendly can help someone, so even though it may only be a few words, it can lift someone’s spirit for a moment in time. Friendship is so important because friends can have your back when you need them. For example, doing your homework with a friend after school is another way to help and encourage each other. We enjoy that very much.

When we think about a world without poverty, we think of a beautiful city with people who have food and clean water; a place where nobody is poor, where nobody has to go around asking other people for transportation, food, water, and other basic things they need to live; a place where all the people care about one another.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2015
Children's message, written with the contributions of the children's living in a shelter for homeless families

Messages from children in Dublin - Ireland

These messages are from different after-school clubs in Dublin. The children wrote messages about peace or happiness in link with October 17 2012 commemoration.

•“Give poor or homeless people home that are safe” Nina

•“All children should have right to go to school” Katelyn

•“Peace is making happy. Peace makes a happy world” Robin Dunne

•“To have equality in the world” Lauren R

•“No war and everyone is safe” Lauren R

•“Love is a sign of everything. It’s a sign of happiness : love and peace. Love is a strong word”Nicole G

•“I wish for the world there is peace and no more fighting. To have more sharing, more caring. End the world hunger, make life more possible to live. Peace means love, make peace possible.” Alexis 8 years old

•“I want peace everywhere I go because there is always someone fighting or shouting.” Sinead Burnett 10 y

•“I would like some peace and that there was no recession to Ireland and other country in the world.” Abbie 10

•“I would like peace because people keep on fighting in this world.” Jo Crawley

•“Peace to me is there are no more wars.” Saoirse

•“I wish there was peace everywhere because it’s not good to fight and there’s no reason to fight. Peace is good for the world” Rebecca 10 y

•“No poor! We should have food, we should have clothes, house, family!”

•“In my school, there is a new child, I asking her to play with me.”

•“ Share and listening and I’m happy. Peace in my school get me good education”

•“To be happy, not to let anything put you down” Chereece 12 y

Commemoration of the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty
After-school clubs : Plough, Wellington, Casper, NYP 1, LYCS

Students from Colaiste Eoin Secondary School, Stillorgan, Co Dublin

People living in poverty in Ireland don’t have the luxuries that other people have such as central heating, warm clothes or any sort of technology that help them to have a good life.

They struggle to keep going.  They don’t know where their next meal will come from.  They often have rough days. In this day and age, everyone should have enough food and shelter.

The poorest are not given much of a chance in life. They are sometimes judged as non-humans which is certainly not the case.  Each of us should help in whatever way we can. The Government could also help charities across the country.

Commemoration of the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Students from Colaiste Eoin Secondary School, Stillorgan, Co Dublin

Six-class students from Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School

Peace is having a home, enough money, water to drink and food for the family. Everything else is just extra.

Peace is about equality. It’s about having the right to speak and be listened to.

Peace is when there is nobody shouting racist comments at people. We are very lucky to live in a peaceful country. We don't have the police or military ordering us to go out and shoot someone we've never spoken to or gotten into contact with.

Peace is when parents know that they and their children are safe.

To be happy, people need a caring and loving family to push them to do things.

They need a fair leader in their country.

To be happy, people need somewhere to live, a job so they can earn a living, an education for their children and think positively.

They need to be happy with where they are, happy with what they're doing, something that they're good at.

What is important in life is to have a family and house to run. Maybe because parents want their children to have something to look forward to in life.

Food, water and shelter are important. They are important because we only live once.

We need less crime and fighting so people could look after the earth and be entitled to good health and somewhere to sleep.  We need facilities like houses for the homeless and places where people can go for free meals. People can’t be left on the road to starve.

We need to stop the recession and help people setting up their own business to make a living. We need child labour, underage drinking and animal cruelty to stop.

We need to change the way we treat others. Poverty needs to be eradicated for the world to be a better place for all.

Commemoration of the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Six-class students from Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School