Inspired actions by "Hidden dimensions of Poverty"

Martinien Moukete, from Cameroon, works with the “Bonassama Association of Enterprising Youth”, on the Cameroon coast. He is also a correspondent for the Forum for overcoming extreme poverty. Because of this, he wants to share how close the research of “Hidden dimensions of poverty” is to what his teams are living on the... Find out more

A community's courage

The Mobile Team travels across the Amazonian region in a dugout canoe to reach out to the indigenous peoples and those who are the most marginalized. After eighteen hours of travelling up the Tauhamanu's river in a dugout canoe, we caught sight of the village of Nova Oceania. The assistant to the village chief welcomed us and helped us carry... Find out more

Letter to Friends Around the World "Special Edition - 17 October 2016"

Dear Friends, In 2017, we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Joseph Wresinski's call to action and we've already started preparing for an extraordinary campaign which we would like to invite you to join in. Since the 17 October was recognised as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, by the United Nations in 1992,... Find out more

From my neighbourhood to the United Nations

In the face of current issues of the world today such as climate change, globalisation and social violence, people living in extreme poverty possess their own view and experience. It is time to recognise this fact, and to take it into account. Discover how these people, with others from all walks of life, are working towards greater... Find out more