Stand together to build the future

The Tushirikiane Afrika Association relies on volunteer refugees who take responsibility for welcoming new refugees continuing to arrive by their hundreds, in the Kenyan capital. Some of these volunteers fled their countries more than 15 years ago. In turn, they continually welcome new exiles from the Great Lakes countries: The volunteers... Find out more

Stand up for justice

In Cambodia, KAWP (Krom Akphiwat Phum) works with local communities and associations formed by village people. In addition to strengthening the organizational abilities of these associations, KAWP assists them to work with the new commune council. Emphasis is placed on the involvement of very poor people in decision making, and resources are set... Find out more

The Milfontes Pianos

  In an isolated region where the population lives off seasonal work and where cultural and leisure activities are few and far between, FABRIQUE DES ARTS DIVERTA is bringing people together. Through a belief in each person's talents,  they build a social dynamic which goes far beyond a mere pastime. This is where the pianos come... Find out more

Wealth comes from listening to those who walk the paths of poverty

Javier is the parish priest of San Carlos Borromeo, a church located in Entrevías in Spain.  He is also a member of the “neighbourhood coordination.”  Living alongside the poor, he is convinced that with them we can change the world we live in. I feel more and more that when there are serious crises, not just economic ones... Find out more

Communities can lift themselves out of poverty

Village Care Initiatives (VCI) is a NGO in Sierra Leone. VCI works directly with local groups and villages to show how communities can lift themselves out of poverty. These groups are made up of farmers, fishermen and local traders. Four villages now have considerable links with one another, which may eventually develop into inter-group... Find out more

Defending and protecting oneself against violence

For 7 years, Anne R. has been present in this shanty-town area of Manilla, in the Philippines. She’s always known around 20 families here, living under one of the sides of the bridge near her home, whose houses are threatened with demolition.   During the demolition, initially, it’s each man for himself. Everyone tries as best... Find out more

"As though we were wiped off the face of the earth"

Extreme poverty is violence - Breaking the silence - Pathways towards peace constitutes both the core and the overriding theme of research undertaken by ATD Fourth World in 25 countries. For three years, people living in extreme poverty and academics worked together to share their knowledge of and their understanding of poverty. Their conclusions... Find out more

"Creating spaces for learning together"

When people living in poverty are deprived of the opportunity to meet people from the opposite end of the social spectrum, extreme poverty is the result. It is therefore vital that we all seek to forge such opportunities so that we can all benefit from the experience and the knowledge of the most disadvantaged. Failing to do so, and thus falling... Find out more

Any development requires an awareness... we must work hard without expecting help

The purpose of the Groupe Mamans Tabita (GMT) is to promote and protect the rights of Congolese women, especially in rural areas.  It is an association of Congolese women aiming to help them fight against all types of social, economic, political and cultural barriers that prevent them from enjoying better living conditions.  They... Find out more