Leaving no-one behind

The families directly hit by typhoon Haïyan, who are desperately searching for their loved ones and supporting each other in the struggle to resist giving up, remind us of all those whose lives are ceaselessly devastated and yet never lose hope. Only recently I met some families in the Paris area who are worried because they are going to have to... Find out more

The Promise of a Better Future

Kindele Rural Association for Community Development teaches unemployed young people how to regain their place in society. The main cause of poverty in our country is the population explosion. Resources have not kept pace with the growth of the population so people go hungry for lack of sufficient food and young people feel they have no future.... Find out more

Learning with an entire people

Elisabeth S. has been living in Mozambique since 2009. She also lived there between 1996 and 1999. She works at the Fonte-Boa Mission, located in the centre of Mozambique. It is a fertile region, but because of the farmers' isolation, the people are very poor. We get the impression everything remains to be done here. Over the last 10 years we... Find out more

We are a youth solidarity group

Joel is a young person who lives in the town of Mahajanga, on the west coast of Madagascar. He and his family have had a hard life. He speaks about his commitment towards others in his neighbourhood. Many young people have turned to alcohol and drugs. I belong to the scout movement and we learn to live in friendship and solidarity; “love... Find out more

Thousands of untold stories...

The PCT Seamen's/Fishermen's Service Center was established in 1986 at the fish market of Chi-chin in Kaohsiung. The origins of the Service Center began with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT). It had come to the attention of several committee members that the number of ships in the area that were meeting disasters at sea, and also... Find out more

Rallying together for a friend

Mbaraka K. has been a friend of the ATD Fourth World Movement in Tanzania for several years. Here he tells us what happened when one of the workers from the fish market fell ill in Dar es Salaam. I was at the fish market and I met a man that was sick. His name was Shabani and he had a hernia. He was working at the market frying fish. He was... Find out more

It was my parents' courage that kept us going.

At Ouagadougou, Fatimata's words resounded "We often had nothing to eat, even in the evening. But we still went to school nevertheless. I know it was my parents' courage that kept us going. Otherwise it would've been impossible." That was last March, at one of the international seminars where members of the ATD Fourth World... Find out more

At 22, I finally have an identity!

In a society where all data, information and agreements are validated by recording them on paper, an identity card is the primary official document that allows a person to be recognised and able to exercise their rights. When someone suffers from a severe physical disability, lives on top of a hill that has no steps, and also comes from a very low... Find out more

Our Neighbourhood

Little alleyways, electric wires in every direction, drawings on walls, children playing on the pavements, the noise of cars and bikes, children crying, tiny houses crowded together, endless tales of misery... This is the image of the “Nabaa” neighbourhood that we all come away with, the image that the media circulates. But to its... Find out more

Poverty eradication projects ill-adapted to people's needs

Ms. Nguyen H. is a social worker in a southern province of Vietnam. She has worked in a community development project that includes schooling, livelihood programmes and access to housing. Often, governmental and non-governmental organizations, put under pressure by the expectations of their funders or conditions of certain donors, execute their... Find out more