Improving the situation of rural women

The ‘Victory for rural women’ organisation in Tunisia works with rural women. Hayat, who is a member of this organisation, shared a life-story collected as part of a project which looked at these women’s lives. This is the life-story of a woman who lives in an isolated mountainous region where life is hard. Hayat told us:... Find out more

It was night, and it was raining....

Rosário is a lawyer and uses all her skills to help people from very poor neighbourhoods and slums of Belo Horizonte. She fights against arbitrary evictions and the many forms of violence that they endure. I walked down the street, under the balconies to shelter myself from the rain. He was there; every day I see him, I watch him. I admire him... Find out more

Each child represents an opportunity for the world

In the heart of parents who live every day in conditions of exclusion and severe poverty, lies the hope for a world where each person has their place. To create a future where suffering and constant deprivation will no longer exist, they devote themselves body and soul to their children's education, to make sure they do not abandon their... Find out more

Maramvyaj Camp for Displaced People

Action for a United World (Azione per un Mondo Unito - AMU) is an Italian NGO that runs development, training and education projects both in Italy and in developing countries. Founded in 1986, it is committed to sustainable cooperation by respecting the social, cultural, and economic local realities. Action for a United World have started a new... Find out more

Leaving no-one behind

The families directly hit by typhoon Haïyan, who are desperately searching for their loved ones and supporting each other in the struggle to resist giving up, remind us of all those whose lives are ceaselessly devastated and yet never lose hope. Only recently I met some families in the Paris area who are worried because they are going to have to... Find out more

The Promise of a Better Future

Kindele Rural Association for Community Development teaches unemployed young people how to regain their place in society. The main cause of poverty in our country is the population explosion. Resources have not kept pace with the growth of the population so people go hungry for lack of sufficient food and young people feel they have no future.... Find out more

Learning with an entire people

Elisabeth S. has been living in Mozambique since 2009. She also lived there between 1996 and 1999. She works at the Fonte-Boa Mission, located in the centre of Mozambique. It is a fertile region, but because of the farmers' isolation, the people are very poor. We get the impression everything remains to be done here. Over the last 10 years we... Find out more

We are a youth solidarity group

Joel is a young person who lives in the town of Mahajanga, on the west coast of Madagascar. He and his family have had a hard life. He speaks about his commitment towards others in his neighbourhood. Many young people have turned to alcohol and drugs. I belong to the scout movement and we learn to live in friendship and solidarity; “love... Find out more

Thousands of untold stories...

The PCT Seamen's/Fishermen's Service Center was established in 1986 at the fish market of Chi-chin in Kaohsiung. The origins of the Service Center began with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT). It had come to the attention of several committee members that the number of ships in the area that were meeting disasters at sea, and also... Find out more

Rallying together for a friend

Mbaraka K. has been a friend of the ATD Fourth World Movement in Tanzania for several years. Here he tells us what happened when one of the workers from the fish market fell ill in Dar es Salaam. I was at the fish market and I met a man that was sick. His name was Shabani and he had a hernia. He was working at the market frying fish. He was... Find out more