Children push us and engage us

In Madrid, the children of the Tapori Ventilla group heard their mothers talking vividly to each other. They were talking about the European Social Charter. But what is this charter? The children decided to find out more. It is not easy to understand a text written for adults, but they decided not to give up: if you don’t know the rights,... Find out more

Together, we can give our world a sustainable future. Let’s dare to take up the challenge!

On 17 October 2018, many of you once again came together to celebrate "The World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty" and to make visible the efforts of all those committed to saying no to poverty throughout the year. In this Letter we present some of the feedback we received from around the world. We share also extracts of testimonies... Find out more

Together, we can give our world a sustainable future. Let’s dare to take up the challenge!

By adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after the extreme violence and suffering of the second World War, the world’s nations proclaimed their refusal to accept that any person be crushed by other people. They affirmed the basic humanity of all people. Yet still today, in both north and south, in both east and west, in both... Find out more

It is important that we stand up for our rights and voice our needs

For me, poverty is about neglected areas that are not taken care of, or where there are no resources for families such as libraries, good schools and good stores. In the stores here, most of the groceries are out of date. The store owners think that we’re content to live this way because they think we do not have a voice, but that is not the... Find out more

How to mark October 17 in a country where I am passing through, and where no one knows about this day?

I had heard that a group of people suffering with chronic diseases were organising a walk. I know very well what chronic disease means in terms of losing one’s health and never being the same again, as well as the anguish experienced by a poor patient lacking medical treatment. Despite this challenge, you need to be strong so that you and... Find out more

Rethinking the fight against poverty and human rights

This title was the theme of the second Joseph Wresinski Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean, which was held in Guatemala City. For five days, close on 50 people from nine countries worked together. We concluded the forum by reflecting on how our countries and communities can identify future commitments in the struggle against poverty, while... Find out more

All Together Towards ZERO Poverty

A workshop for students was held at the Asian Institute of Technology. A number of topics were discussed, including: “What is extreme poverty from a multidimensional perspective?”, “Frugal innovation, social business and the Sustainable Development Goals”, and “Resilience and adaptability of people in poverty and the... Find out more

Nobody chooses to live in extreme poverty

I live in Cameroon. Some friends and I went to the village of Koumenke, that I know well, to commemorate October 17. We toured the village and met young people and parents. The aim was to understand the situation that the population was experiencing as this was the first October 17 event here. We learned that few children were able to complete... Find out more

Letter "Special October 17 2018"

On 17 October 1987, more than 100,000 people gathered on the Trocadero Plaza in Paris, where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed in 1948. On the Commemorative Stone in Honor of The Victims of Extreme Poverty, inaugurated that day, were engraved the words: Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human... Find out more

La misère n’est pas une fatalité

Key principles for engaging with people living in poverty Before joining the literacy program, my life had a bitter taste. I did not recognize numbers. To wake my children up for school, I relied on the position of the sun. I sold eggs at the market place and asked my husband to count how much I had earned. These difficult situations prompted me... Find out more