Dear Friends, if you look at this section 'Letters from our Readers' now and again, you will come across something you've written, or some news that may be of interest to you!

Hello Letter to Friends Team

Hello Letter to Friends Team, In the eastern part of Cameroon, in a town on the border with the Central African Republic, refugees have been arriving for the last 8 months. During our visit I observed serious problems in the relationship between the refugees and local people. Since the refugees have arrived, insecurity has increased and... Read more

It is time to think in a different way.

Dear Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty, Here is an article of mine that was recently published in a newspaper in my city. Every time I write articles on poverty and social exclusion, I receive many phone calls with approvals from both friends and unknown people. This is very important for me because my aim is to sensitize public awareness on... Read more

Mobile learning library

Here is some information about the donation of a mini van for our mobile library/learning unit. We have started the work around the migrant and child labour communities,  the rains were a bit  of a deterrence , however we will intensify our work in the coming months.  We strongly believe the children will gain knowledge of... Read more