Dear Friends, if you look at this section 'Letters from our Readers' now and again, you will come across something you've written, or some news that may be of interest to you!

They can't use computers because they don't have electricity.

Dear Forum, Thank you for your Letter to Friends Newsletter. I'm very happy to receive it. And I think, that print and paper is very important also. Do you know, many people, who live in extreme poverty can't use computers (because they haven't electricity),and they need the information about the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty... Read more

Floods in Chennai

RELIEF WORK BY SHABNAM RESOURCES Most people are aware of the recent floods that have ruined Chennai city and its suburbs. Houses were flooded with rain and sewage water for days. Good hearted human beings from all religions, race, colour and gender were supporting one another. Thank you to all of them. The floods has made roads not accessible... Read more

No more charity – but true sharing of land and housing!

An initiative in the Far South Peninsula against poverty, crime and disaster,and for peace, prosperity and decent housing for all. Overcoming poverty is not an act of charity, it is a task of justice.” Nelson Mandela On 1 December 2013, four days before Madiba (Nelson Mandela) passed away, four residents of the informal settlement... Read more

New Year Greetings

Dear Friends, I am happy to exchange greetings for this Christmas. We are feeling great sadness about the acts of terrorism in Paris.  I know that you have many friends, supporters and well wishers who are Muslim.  I know that all poor people are welcome to you, Muslim people equally as welcome. Affectuesement Reg M, New Zealand Read more

We need to reach out to people in their communities providing love, care and hope.

Dear Isabelle Perrin, I am a person living with a disability (physically challenged) working for the government at a college in Zambia as a clinical instructor, the institution is run by the Salvation Army. I have been inspired by your article, Leaving No-one Behind (Letter to Friends N°85). Chikankata is a newly formed district. It's a... Read more
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