Dear Friends, if you look at this section 'Letters from our Readers' now and again, you will come across something you've written, or some news that may be of interest to you!

Young man & the bridge

Young  man of 18 years of age living in the slums of Bombay saw small children have to walk across knee deep gutter which to  reach their school.  He made a bold move, with money he saved and with his fellow friends help , he constructed this bridge to help children and others to cross safely. This is a big inspiration for me... Read more

To help the poorest of the people in the world

Dear Friends, Thank you very much for all the information on various activities people undertake to help the poorest of the people in the world. It is wonderful that many are able to teach out to the poor bringing them hope and meaning in life. We the Sisters of Our lady of Charity Kenya, continue with the mission to give hope and a meaningful... Read more

Enthousiastic young environmentalists in Nigeria

On Saturday 24th July, 2021, I joined a group of young environmentalists and environmental enthusiasts for the Osun Green Hangout held at the Deutsches Haus, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.  The hangout afforded us the opportunity to reflect on the exigency of addressing the climate crises, and also on how to achieve the global goals and to advance the... Read more

Children affected by COVID-19

Most of the families affected / infected by covid-19 encountered heavy losses such as death of loved ones, job loss, micro , small business closed down, suicides, This has been affected by heavy trauma on children which is beyond poverty. So oct 17th movement we would go in for survey of children and families for finding ways to help them.... Read more

It is a joy to be connected with all friends who are struggling

Dear Friends, Thank you very much for the news on Letters to Friends the last edition. It is very moving and inspiring to see the efforts people take in difficult times despite the handy-caps the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity here in Kenya continue to help the marginalized girls, women and young boys. We give the education, spiritual formation... Read more