Dear Friends, if you look at this section 'Letters from our Readers' now and again, you will come across something you've written, or some news that may be of interest to you!

It is a joy to be connected with all friends who are struggling

Dear Friends, Thank you very much for the news on Letters to Friends the last edition. It is very moving and inspiring to see the efforts people take in difficult times despite the handy-caps the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity here in Kenya continue to help the marginalized girls, women and young boys. We give the education, spiritual formation... Read more

Extreme poverty is not inevitable but working to overcome it is a long-term process

How do we empower people?  Our approach consists in breaking down the barriers that exist between rural groups and us (in the city). We all have the same rights and furthermore we share their concerns. So it’s together that we will be able to overcome extreme poverty. Hassimi S., SEEPAT, Burkina Faso   In 2017, I have thought of... Read more
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We can learn from each other to overcome poverty.

Nomad Relief is a nonprofit organization located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our primary goal is to provide water, food, shelter and medical aid access to pastoral nomads affected by the severe droughts in Somaliland and Somalia. Our secondary goal is to assist them with emergency evacuations, reliable access to water, the care of their animals... Read more

Talk Team - Helping children to face school exams without fear

Shabnam Resources which is based in the outskirts of Chennai in India, is a  non-profit charity organisation which devotes its time by helping children from difficult backgrounds. They do this by trying to help them have a balanced life through different activities, as well as supporting them throughout their education. The organisation... Read more

Maintaining cultural integrity

Dear friends, The Rural Organisation for Social elevation (R.O.S.E) in Kanda is still working at a grassroots level appealing to the community to become active participants in developing a better life for themselves. Our projects in eco and rural development maintains cultural integrity and an ecological balance. Please find photos from our... Read more