The Letter to Friends around the World exists in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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I feel humbled to have known these families

I am now a consultant in a College of Social Work in Mumbai. I first started as a community organizer and then as social worker, working in an urban slum with grass root communities of different religions and caste, particularly the schedule caste of “cobblers”. The  mothers were domestic workers in the ‘well to do’... Read more
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We don’t want the world to stay the same!

Like other people in the world, migrating from the countryside to the city, Sandra arrived at the «El Paraíso” neighborhood in the suburbs of Ciudad Bolivar with her family. It is a neighborhood at the top of a hill, without basic services, and with no means of communication or transport. At the age of nine, Sandra became a delegate at... Read more
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Children’s Voices – 17 October 2019

“I’m lucky to have a mum who works hard for me and my brothers and sisters. My mum wants to stop using the food bank. Every child deserves to have a home, food and a proper bed to sleep in. Some children don’t have a family to love them, to cuddle them when they’re sad. I have all of that. Let’s pray for all the... Read more
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Inclusive education for all

An international workshop was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in early September 2019. This workshop was the result  of several years of ATD Fourth World Movement’s  presence and work in the southeast of Europe as part of a process of mutual understanding with people and groups fighting against poverty. This meeting also was built on... Read more
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The crown of peace

When I was a child my mother always used to say that “the best way to respond to violence is with peace” and “if you have friends who love peace then work with them to spread the word”. I remember the day when she set up a big blackboard at home, headed “love and peace chart”, with a column for each child. At... Read more
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