The Letter to Friends around the World exists in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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Getting children to love books

In Bayadeya, Egypt children learn to read. But getting them to love reading is a bigger challenge than swimming the Nile. That is why we have put in place a project designed to show that reading is fun, using the ATD Fourth World Street Library model. If kids are reluctant to go looking for books, then we arrange for the books to go looking for... Read more
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Her combat is my inspiration

I am an ecological activist with GAFE. I am also an agricultural technician, and a student in Legal Sciences. I am currently the General Secretary of an association for disabled peopled called MCPHPSH: Mouvement citoyen des personnes handicapées physiques du Sud d’Haïti (Citizen’s Movement for Physcially Disabled People in the South of... Read more
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Learning from the involvement of others

In 2022 we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, recognised by the United Nations in 1992. This day is an opportunity to strengthen the voice of those in extreme poverty, their experiences, their aspirations, their struggles and the alliances needed to eradicate poverty and build peace. A... Read more
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Those taking action are calling for us to join them

Recently, in Port-au-Prince, Mary-Love enrolled in a primary school. A 16 year-old, Mary-Love has hardly ever attended school; she has spent her childhood courageously helping her mother to support their family, which has been severely affected by deprivation and gang violence in her area. At the enrolment centre, Mary-Love had to defend herself;... Read more
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Unveiling the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty

ATD Fourth World, in partnership with Oxford University, conducted a participatory international research project called “The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty”. The project took place in six countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, France, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and the United States. Read more
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