The Letter to Friends around the World exists in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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The Letter to Friends Around the World

“I always read the Letter to Friends with much interest and admiration,often thinking to myself that I too have witnessed acts of courage, goodness and solidarity among the poorest people.” A correspondent from Burkina Faso    « The Letter to Friends around the World » which is published three times a year,... Read more
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Special 17 October 2020

Special 17 October 2020 United Nations theme for October 17, 2020 : "Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all" October 17 is the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty. It has been commemorated since 1987, the year when, at the call of Joseph Wresinski, thousands of people from all walks of life gathered... Read more
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Unveiling the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty

ATD Fourth World, in partnership with Oxford University, conducted a participatory international research project called “The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty”. The project took place in six countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, France, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and the United States. Read more
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An ambitious, brave, and innovative project!

Everywhere in the world, men, women, and children show tremendous bravery and resourcefulness to survive in extremely harsh conditions. Do we realize these people who are confronted to the wall of misery, see beyond it, and reflect on the world? Are they credited with the intelligence, the capacity for reflexion, and the knowledge necessary to... Read more
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The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty

« End poverty in all its forms everywhere” is the overarching goal of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development1. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to consider other dimensions, beyond monetary ones, when thinking about poverty. The international participatory research “The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty” has... Read more
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