People's stories of struggle and solidarity. Learn about initiatives worldwide that are making a difference.

"This Sharing Makes us More Understanding"

The "Our Home" project welcomes children from birth to age 5 who’ve been wounded by life. Liliana, a pediatric nurse, testifies to the courage and strength of four-year old Brigitte. Spotlight on correspondants of the Permanent Forum on Extreme Poverty in the World. "NUESTRO HOGAR" ("Our Home") was created and facilitated by the AMI Foundation. It... Read more
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"The crisis issues a challenge to our imagination and our solidarity"

These firsthand testimonies give us a glimpse of the consequences of the economic crisis on populations in extreme poverty, their efforts to cope with it, and their hope that " this crisis will be an opportunity for a worldwide awareness that could benefit the most disadvantaged people." From Peru: "Unemployment is spreading across the country... Read more
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