It’s Time to Change and End Persistent Poverty
Sun 17/10/2021

The 17th October Committee would also like to invite you to attend the in-person event Dublin event on Sunday 11am at the Poverty Stone.- Invitation below- Programme for the Dublin event inside the booklet.

Please find attached our 17th October National Booklet - displaying the groups around Ireland who are marking the International Day. Please feel free to share


11.00 Words from the MC - Peter McVerry

11.05 Welcome and address - Lord Mayor of Dublin - Alison Gilliland

11.10 Song – Cathal and Aine Holland

11.15 Reading of the Message of the Human Rights and Poverty Stone

11.20 writing - what change you would like to see in the world on butterflies -
keep hold of the butterfly for the common gesture later in the proceedings

11.25 Reading of the President’s Message – Andrew Kelly

11.30 Testimonies based on lived experience of poverty and injustice:
Dominican Justice Office- Roselin Blessing Makumba.
All Together in Dignity (ATD) Ireland Anne - Marie Fay & Christina Powell
Pavee Point- Pa Reilly
SAOL Project

11.50 Song from SAOL about 17th October – No Need

12.00 Musical piece- Cathal and Aine Holland (Background)
Dramatic presentation based on Discrimination:
This piece highlights the 9 grounds of Equality Legislation, the Jigsaw pieces
represent the interconnectivity between the grounds, and the missing piece
represents the need to extend the Irish Equality Legislation to include a 10th
ground - to protect people from Socio-economic Discrimination
12.10 Poem reading from the new Lockdown Liberties poetry proj

(Lorraine Kelly – Philip Kenny)

12.15 Symbolic Gesture: Butterflies For Change

12.25 Final Song SAOL - Something inside so strong

12.30 Closing Remarks and thanks: MC