Steps forward in recognizing and assessing discrimination based on socioeconomic status
Mon 11/10/2021

Monday 11 October 2021 14:30 ­ 15:30

Online event

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Although discrimination on grounds of socio­economic situation is a widespread reality, it is still invisible. Covid­19 pandemic has exacerbated this form of discrimination, including in education and health care. Simultaneously, the digitalization of services has made the situation of people living in poverty increasingly difficult – a form of indirect discrimination. This session will discuss discrimination on grounds of socioeconomic situation in our today’s society as well as the strategies to raise awareness about it. The discussion will gather experts from different background who have widely work on this issue: ATD Fourth World (represented by Bert Luyts) has played an important role in advocating for the recognition of this form of discrimination in France. Claire Hédon, French Défenseur des droits, has dealt with many cases on that question. Finally, Sarah Ganty, researcher, has widely written on the importance of protecting people against discrimination on grounds of socio­economic status in European and national laws.