Celebration with the children in the orphanage
Sun 17/10/2021

Mbeya City is a city South of Tanzania situated South West of Dar es salaam about 14 hours travel by bus where will be cerebrated October 17 this year. For preparing this evenement, ATD met some friends in Mbeya. It was his first visit to Mbeya as ATD. The visit was a discovery, to learn and understand the situation in Mbeya. Together with some friends, an agreement is occured about how celebrate October 17 this year. There is an orphanage in Mbeya, where will be celebrated october 17th with the children in the orphanage.

Planning :

  1. ATD members will gather together to clean the vicinity and put in order the environment within the area.
  2. Some members will conduct a street library for the children.
  3. Before lunch we will share some news and knowledge about ATD and October 17.

This will be a means of introducing ATD in the area.


Mbeya City