Our discussion forums are a place for dialogue where participants are invited to share their experiences, their discoveries and where they can also share their doubts and questions.  These forums will also try and be a space for reflection on what participants are doing to overcome poverty.

Do you have an experience that you would like to share, or examples that show us how you are fighting against poverty where you live? Perhaps you can tell us about initiatives that have led to positive changes in your community? We invite you to contribute by registering after having accepted our Charter for the discussion forums (  that you can find here.).

Once your registration has been confirmed you can post comments.  Before comments are published, a moderator will verify beforehand.  Each comment is the responsibility of the author but it will only be published if it is in accordance with our Terms of use and Conditions for the discussion forums.

We hope that these forums will be a source of inspiration for everyone.

Ongoing discussion

Everybody knows that the fight against extreme poverty and the fight against climate change are linked. It is the poorest people that suffer most from the consequences of climate disruption (although their carbon footprint is the lowest). However, there is less awareness that they are sometimes...

Discussion has ended

We have just posted our new website online. We want to make sure that it is working perfectly and that it also meets your needs and your expectations.  That is why for our very first discussion forum we will be asking the following questions: What do you think of our website? Are there...