The exhibition brings together drawings and testimonies published in the Letter to the Friends around the World.
Below you will find :

- a presentation of the exhibit…
- the 34 posters as well as a presentation in three languages ( French, English, Spanish)
-a map showing the places where the exhibit was welcomed.
-the visitors book where are written the names of the places where the complete exhibition (or sometimes part of it) was seen.


Travelling Exhibition

Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty Exhibition " The Letter’s Colours " People around the world are making a commitment to reject poverty This exhibition has been put together by the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty. It brings together extracts of articles taken from the Letter to Friends Around the World and showcases the... Read more
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Hélène Perdereau

The Letter to Friends Around the World shares the experiences and views of the Forum’s correspondents, giving others the opportunity to learn about them. Each story is accompanied by Hélène Perdereau’s faithful illustrations. Hélène has always drawn from the heart as she travels around the world, capturing this emotion in her work,... Read more
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The poster: Joseph Wresinski

On February 12, 1917, Joseph Wresinski was born in France. His childhood was marked by his experiences of poverty and the courage of his family. From here sprung his conviction that no one should face poverty alone, and he began to seek out those who were forced to live in such undignified conditions. After becoming a priest, he joined 250... Read more
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Joseph Wresinski

Joseph Wresinski (1917-1988)  - the inspiration behind October 17th Joseph Wresinski was born to immigrant parents in a poor neighbourhood of Angers, France. He grew up in a family which suffered from chronic poverty and social exclusion. In 1946, he was ordained as a priest and served in industrial and rural parishes where, right from the... Read more
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