Webinar: Impact of Covid-19 on Child Poverty

Dear friends,

On behalf of three member organizations of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty - ATD Fourth World, the African Child Policy Forum and UNICEF - we are delighted to invite you to join our Webinar on the "Impact of COVID-19 on child poverty in Africa and beyond". Please register by May 13th at: https://bit.ly/35kVovE

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020
Time: 9-10:30 AM New York / 4-5:30 PM Nairobi Time

COVID-19 pandemic is causing a socio-economic crisis of unprecedented scale. At the global level, the outbreak might push up to 66 million additional children into extreme poverty. How is the crisis unfolding in the African continent and how is it impacting the poorest children and their families? 

Bringing the lived experiences of children in Africa, this webinar will highlight how these experiences can inform policy responses and propose actions to mitigate the impacts of this disaster on children living in poverty.