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To our Irish Friends for 17 October

To our Irish Friends for 17 October

I'll listen well when you tell
through song and poetry
by Paul St John and William Yeats
about Irish History

You lament how Dublin's changed
you remember what used to be
you cherish the past and what remains
of Auld Dublin City

But cities are simply stone and clay
It's true today as then
the enduring legacy of Dublin City
lives on in its women and men

You remember well, those who fell
for Irish liberty
those brave hearts are not forgot
in Irish History

Yet the fight goes on, it hasn't stopped
the truth is plain to see
good Irish men and women will never rest
when there's Irish poverty

When I look at you, I do believe
I see revolutionaries
you are the ones, right here and now
who will make new Irish History!

I listened and I heard you tell
through song and poetry
that you will always fight to defend
human rights and dignity

Donald Lee, Dublin, May 2014

Donald Lee wrote and read out this poem at Sheriff Youth Club when Friends of 17 October in Ireland met with the International Committee for October 17.

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