To help the poorest of the people in the world
Refuser la misère

Dear Friends,
Thank you very much for all the information on various activities people undertake to help the poorest of the people in the world. It is wonderful that many are able to teach out to the poor bringing them hope and meaning in life. We the Sisters of Our lady of Charity Kenya, continue with the mission to give hope and a meaningful future to the many poor sexually exploited and marginalized teenage girls and boys who would end up in prostitution without help and guidance. We also assist teenage unwed mothers and their children. Young girls from poor families and have no future. Our mission is to give the spiritual and life formation, empower them with education and training for a fruitful future and call them to contribute to the welfare of other needy persons. It is a challenging task and very enriching to see hope given to many who would otherwise end in misery. We join hand with many in the world with the call to eliminate poverty.

Sr. Edel