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Theatre tour to raise awareness...

Dear friends,

Great to get your news. We are with you.

We are currently on an awareness tour in the Kimbanseke Health Zone, using theatre to talk about "breast milk only" between 0 and 6 months.

The campaign was launched in October 2013 and will continue until June 2014. We perform plays in the open air and indoors, combining dialogue with a comic strip. We are supported by Cooperazione Internationale and the Kimbanseke Health Zone.

We aim to promote quality of life for children, youngsters and women. We do theatre, training courses and research; we also work with children  to stage classic plays and we create together based on the results of research carried out in the community.

We have a Social and Cultural Centre that also undertakes research in various fields including theatre as a lever for development, and we have a community library.

The "Atelier-Théâtr'Actions" (or "ATA") is a theatre troupe. It was created in Kinshasa on 25 August 1989 by a group of artists, headed by José BAU DIYABANZA, a graduate in Outreach Studies. It is an NGO. Its young volunteers specialise in educating communities through theatre and video. We focus on health, the environment, human rights and education, and work in rural areas, economically underprivileged communities, and zones that are cut off from the rest of society.

We work to provide educational tools for seminars, and information, education and communication campaigns for communities and various partners.

Warm regards,

José B.D.