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The need to interact with people humbly and sincerely

Professor Tao is teaching Social Work at the College of Humanities and Social Science, Providence University in Taichung City (150km South from Taipei City). He has contributed to setting up inspiring non-profit groups and volunteer programs for his students. He wrote this message a few months ago for the university Student Association of the Department of Social Work & Child Welfare which was going to publish a periodical. He kindly shared it with the ATD volunteers who visited his students last April.

Now I understand that the ultimate goal of our work is to help people help themselves.  On the other hand, when we help others, we help ourselves at the same time.

While helping others, sooner or later we will experience painful feelings. Actually we are not capable of helping others; we can only accompany those who are in distress.

Whatever we do by giving support and companionship, the key to helping others be relieved from their distress is not the professional relationship between us and them, nor is our expertise, knowledge, position, intelligence, wealth, fame, but their self-awareness, their choices and actions, their nemesis and karma.

This is why, as we try to help others, we should always be aware of the need to interact with people humbly and sincerely, openly sharing our insights and our faith.
We best serve those whom we are called to help if we are able to follow them, and to love them as we love ourselves.

If we are able to do this, truth springs up on its own. When we serve others with benevolence and sincerity we are walking along the holistic path.  As noted above, when we help others, we help ourselves at the same time.

Thus, we can all extend sincere, humble and selfless support and companionship to people in need and when we try to do it, it leads us to the wholeness/health of body and spirit.

Professor Tao,

From the Island of Taiwan