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International Committee for October 17 - Mrs. Jyoti Tuladhar

Mrs. Jyoti Tuladhar, Ph.D., from Nepal, is International Consultant on Gender Issues and Social Development . She worked on women’s empowerment and development issues since 1990. She advocated for economic empowerment of women and gender equality, seeking to eliminate discrimination and exploitation, within the family, society and through legislation. She worked at policy and field level as manager, trainer, researcher and consultant for central and local government, bilateral and multilateral organisations and civil society. She taught in academic institutions (Nepal and the United States). Prior to joining the ILO, she worked on strengthening the capacity of local organizations/NGOs to deliver micro-credit to rural women in 28 districts of Nepal with a staunch belief that in rural communities, poor women must learn to understand and exercise economic rights, exercise their autonomous decision making power through independent income generation, thus breaking out from cycles of poverty. Within the mandate of the ILO, she concentrated on promoting a Participatory Gender Audit Methodology Tool. After her retirement from ILO she lives in Portugal.