Hello from your friends in Lebanon

A big hello from your friends in Lebanon, for this great day of 17 October, which we love just as you do, and celebrate as best we can.

We have received many Syrian refugees in our neighbourhood, where the population density is already very high. This is causing many problems, for them of course, and also for the neighbourhood

Relations between Lebanon and its neighbour Syria have not been easy at all, especially during the years of the Lebanese civil war. The Lebanese still have feelings of resentment and suspicion towards their neighbours.

So, welcoming these Syrian families to our neighbourhood association was something that caused us to ask ourselves questions. On the one hand, we feel we have a duty to be close to them since we have been through what they are experiencing, we have experienced the same anguish, bereavements, displacements, loss of homes, etc.

On the other hand, this is a challenge, because we are tempted to think: Good, now it's their turn! Each one of us is either able to feel, suffer and have compassion for these refugees, or not. But it is within this context that we are trying to determine what kind of relationship we should have with each other.

Marie-Ange L,. Lebanon