Extreme poverty is not inevitable but working to overcome it is a long-term process
Letter to Friends around the World # 99

How do we empower people?  Our approach consists in breaking down the barriers that exist between rural groups and us (in the city). We all have the same rights and furthermore we share their concerns. So it’s together that we will be able to overcome extreme poverty. Hassimi S., SEEPAT, Burkina Faso

In 2017, I have thought of Fr. Joseph in a special way. How his experience of poverty became the motivation for him to ensure that poverty is eradicated from the world. His boldness is a great dos motivation to myself. Salome M., Kenya

« hank you for all the information that you have sent to us over the years. Inequalities persist at every level, but as long as utopia and hope exist, there will be audacity to implement worthwhile actions. » Ana B., Portugal

I am 82 years old. I try to continue living the same as before by taking part in the life of the poorest in the neighborhood. Federico C., Colombia

Where should one begin in 2018 to change the way the rest of society looks at the poorest? What strategy should one use to bring the world to respect the dignity of human beings? We will have to think a lot and deal in realities to be persuasive. It is these same alarming realities that we are experiencing every day alongside underprivileged families. Without love, this struggle will be impossible. Denise N., Democratic Republic of Congo

Let’s help the most marginalized, underprivileged and vulnerable children fight crushing poverty by empowering them through education. The children I know are extremely poor. Their parents are daily wages earners. They earn a pittance daily. They need to find employment; otherwise they earn nothing and are unable to send their children to school. I have been a school teacher for the last 40 years. I am at the end of my career. Before hanging up my boots, I would have liked to see these children have a better life devoid of poverty and illiteracy. Pallithara Anthony Varghese, India

Extreme poverty is not inevitable but working to overcome it is a long-term process. Through this “Letter to Friends around the World,” we can share what we’ve learned and encourage each other so that no one is left behind. We are eager to hear from you too! Please do share your thoughts and experiences via the website, by mail or by post.

As Abel B. from ONUJEU in Haiti wrote to us « Together we build, together we succeed. »