Enthousiastic young environmentalists in Nigeria

On Saturday 24th July, 2021, I joined a group of young environmentalists and environmental enthusiasts for the Osun Green Hangout held at the Deutsches Haus, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. 

The hangout afforded us the opportunity to reflect on the exigency of addressing the climate crises, and also on how to achieve the global goals and to advance the struggle to build a more just and poverty-free world for us as global community. This we did using different creative means, games, quiz, while we also had an engaging conversation around bridging the gap between knowledge curation and practice.

I had the privilege to moderate the conversation, which brought to the fore again the intersectionality of the different forms of injustices that we experience, the need to merge knowledge curation and practice to forge a meaningful struggle, the need for knowledge curators and activists to be willing to experiment with radically progressive ideas and to raise mass awareness for the advancement of the cause of justice. And of course it was a moment to share the story and works of Africans Rising.