Children’s Voices – 17 October 2019
Letter to Friends around the World # 102

“I’m lucky to have a mum who works hard for me and my brothers and sisters. My mum wants to stop using the food bank. Every child deserves to have a home, food and a proper bed to sleep in. Some children don’t have a family to love them, to cuddle them when they’re sad. I have all of that. Let’s pray for all the children in the world to have water, food, love, happiness, for all children to be able to live without fear of war or sadness.” Aiden, 12 years old, Glasgow, Scotland

“I have been in care for ten years. Parents should be more supported so that they can look after children like my grandma does. We need friends who respect our parents, who love them as they are. I love my mum as she is.” Cindy, Switzerland

“To escape poverty and destitution, I help my mum to sell products at the market when I get home from school. This business pays for my schooling.” A young boy, Douala, Cameroon

My mum always tells me: “you won’t drop out of school; you won’t get married until you have a house, a job. I agree. My mum has experienced a lot of poverty. Her life is hard, so she wants us to succeed…I want to be a doctor because the day I found out that my grandma had diabetes I decided to be a doctor, and I could help everyone.” Ouarda, 12 years old, Noisy-le-Grand, France

“A child was telling us that there are too many floods in his area. It attracts mosquitoes and they cause malaria and people start dying. So, it’s my dream one day to unblock all the gutters in my area and I also want to build a hospital and a school for my area.”
“Today we have an opportunity to say that we too feel responsible for our country’s development. But to get there, society, the government, our families need to join forces so that in the future we can achieve a better life for everyone.” Group of children, Bangui, Central African Republic