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International Committee for October 17 - Miguel Angel Estrella

S.E. Miguel Angel Estrella (Argentine) Pianist, Argentina Ambassador to UNESCO, member of the... Lire la suite

Breaking the silence together (5’)

Short video about 17th October: the World Day for Overcoming Poverty, recognised by the UN in 1992... Lire la suite

Extreme poverty is violence (Video 8')

At the initiative of ATD Fourth World Movement, over one thousand people from five continents, who... Lire la suite

International Committee for October 17 - Huguette Redegeld

Huguette Redegeld (France), ATD Fourth World volunteer, member of the International Committee for... Lire la suite

Extreme Poverty and Human Rights Handbook Now Available

Making Human Rights Work for People Living in Extreme Poverty: A Handbook for implementing the UN... Lire la suite