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International Committee for October 17 - Huguette Redegeld

Huguette Redegeld (France), ATD Fourth World volunteer, member of the International Committee for... Lire la suite

Video presentation October 17 (11min or 5min)

Video about October 17: the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, recognised by the UN in 1992... Lire la suite

"For the simple reason that she loved them"

Ms Ratjanee S., is the president of the Sisaket Communities Network. In 1996, she started a... Lire la suite

Fourth meeting of the International Committee for October 17: The Guests

The Committee meeting hosted guests from New York  - Mrs Jean Stallings -  from New... Lire la suite

Building relationships on mutual trust

The Real Pearl Foundation is a non-profit civil organisation in Hungary whose primary focus is art... Lire la suite