Examples of Testimonies

Every year on the occasion of October 17, the secretariat of the Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty receives testimonies prepared and read by people experiencing poverty around the world. Testimonies that recount the life and courage of those who experience exclusion and those who are committed to them. Some sample testimonies are presented in... Read more
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I Bear Witness to You...

Joseph Wresinski’s Address October 17, 1987 Human rights Plaza, Paris You, the millions and millions of children, women and fathers who have died from misery and hunger and whose legacy we hold. It is not your death that I evoke, today on this Plaza of Human Rights and Liberties. I bear witness to your lives. I bear witness to you,... Read more
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Video October 17

Video about October 17: the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, recognised by the UN in 1992 as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. A day to proclaim that the first to fight poverty are those who live it every day. A day to proclaim that their voices and experiences must be understood if we really want to change things. Extreme... Read more
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17 October booklet

The Committee for October 17 in Ireland has created this booklet in 2013. You can use it to invite new people, to participate in an event, to explain what the World day is about. Pages 2 and 4 refer specifically to 17 October 2013, but all the other pages show photos or extracts from testimonies and messages shared during previous celebrations... Read more

Multilingual Sticker

A Multilingual Sticker You can use this sticker to make known October 17 and the website www.overcomingpoverty.org in 4 languages:  English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Stick it onto a book, a diary, a bag, a car... It will resist to the light. You can order it and we will see how it is possible to send it to your address. Read more
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