In this Toolbox, you can find out more about this World Day through three categories:

Finding out more :

  • Concept note on the International Theme for 17 October 2015

  • International Charter for October 17

  • World Day Toolkit

  • Supporting the World Day

  • October 17 campaign video presentation

Mobilisation tools :

  • Poster for 17 October 2015

  • International Theme for 17 October 2015

  • "I bear witness to you..." Joseph Wresinski

  • October 17 stickers

  • Universal prayer

  • Video "Extreme Poverty is violence" (8')

- History and documents :

  • Commemorative Stone

  • History of October 17

  • United Nations Resolution (1992)

  • Replicas of the Commemorative Stone around the world


UN Theme for October 17, 2016

Dear friends, We are happy to tell you the international theme for 17 October 2016, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, chosen with the International Committee for October 17 and the United Nations: Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms Read more
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Copie des couleurs de la lettre

People around the world are making a commitment to reject poverty The drawings have been printed on white plastic supports that are 80 cm par 120 cm or 29.7cmx 42 cm . Clicking on 'see the article' will give you access to the People's Stories. To enlarge the drawing and read the text,click on 'see pdf' Click on the... Read more
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17 October 2015 - Event Reports from Around the World

Please click on the links to find out more. Glasgow, Scotland: Nothing about us, without us, is for us. People were invited to write messages on their feelings of poverty and throw them into a symbolic black hole. New Orleans, United States:Coming together to end poverty and discrimination A collective art workshop in small groups was used as an... Read more

Poster for 17 October 2015

This Letter to Friends Around the World, specially devoted to 17 October, contains a poster and extracts of the International Charter for 17 October. You will find a poster on the back of this Letter to Friends. You can download it here. Read more
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Exhibition "The Letter’s Colours "

People around the world are making a commitment to reject poverty This exhibition brings together drawings and testimonies taken from the Letter to Friends Around the World. The illustrations are by Hélène Perdereau. This exhibition focuses on the strong bond between intimate stories of daily personal struggle and the deep commitment and... Read more
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