Every attitude, every gesture has to fight poverty and exclusion. There are many ways to act, regardless of our skills and availability. These messages, these testimonials reflect. Feel free to contribute.

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The pandemic made things worse

In Nigeria, the Pandemic has overturned the little gains achieved.  We reverted from “teaching a man to fish” to “giving a man fish”. With the long months of lockdown, the number of the extreme poor and vulnerable increased.  With Nigeria being number one in the global poverty index, the pandemic made things worse.

Poverty and Gender-based violence proved a big challenge  The pandemic saw an astronomical rise in violence against women and girls, Thus an association was formed  “Association Against Child and Gender Based Violence”  (AACSGBV).

The Association stands against all forms of child sexual and gender-based violence.

 We had a Conference and the Association formally launched at Abuja, the Nigerian Capital yesterday, 15th October, 2020.  My Paper was on the October 17 Theme:  Acting Together to Achieve Social and Environmental Justice for All”, and the title of the Paper “Social and Environmental Justice for Poverty Eradication “.

Much talk was centred on October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.