Every attitude, every gesture has to fight poverty and exclusion. There are many ways to act, regardless of our skills and availability. These messages, these testimonials reflect. Feel free to contribute.

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Resembling the Stone

The Stone, a reflection of our lives intertwined as a sturdy slab.

Intertwined with affection, unity, harmony and interdependency.

We are learning to think positively.

We are learning to search for those courageous to face the truth and stand up for righteousness.

We are learning to handle injustice with prudence, tenderness and kindness.

We are learning to know our true selves through the grace of the Lord.

Give us the chance for mothers and fathers to bring up their own children,

For the new generation to have a benevolent, warm and secure future,

Where they are free to choose to work for the joy of their families,

To have jobs that bring pride and dignity to their lives.

The Stone is hope, not a shadow of destitution.

The Stone whispers out in search for the honorable luster of loyalty and equity.

The Stone calls out for voluntary minds to alleviate trouble and strife.

The Stone calls for those responsible for themselves, their families and society.

The Stone yearns for courage that helps the people and the land to survive.

Have we forgotten money is not the most important thing in a person’s life.

Have we forgotten democracy is not power to violate the rights of others.

Have we forgotten the law is a peace-keeping tool among the crowd.

Have we forgotten we all have the right to comfortable, peaceful and safe lives.

Selfishness makes us forget the future of our children, our lineage and our land.

Selfishness makes us forget the future of humanity and the environment.

Selfishness makes us forget ourselves and our future.

But in the graceful Stone lie our lives forever joined.

Aporn Poompanna


Translation : Ajarn Sasee Chanprapun

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Aporn Poompann
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