Dear Friends, if you look at this section 'Letters from our Readers' now and again, you will come across something you've written, or some news that may be of interest to you!

Poverty in Nepal

Dear Forum, Thank you for your kind thoughts. I will go through your newsletters that you have sent me and see how I can get involved.  Nepal has experienced earthquakes and certain sections of the country are homeless. They're in the midst of poverty as people need rehoused. Some are resorting to selling their organs, it can be this bad... Read more

Thank you for the Letter to Friends Around the World

Thank you very much for your email and the Letter to Friends Around the World Newsletters which I have been receiving. I have been away from my family and from Uganda since September 2012, studying a PhD in Special Education at a University in Cameroon, which I hope to complete and return to Uganda in several months time. Uganda Society of Hidden... Read more

Happy Moments

Dear Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty, Shabnam Resources have just finished a  children's Summer Camp. Here are some photos where you can see lots of happy moments.  There were lots of different activities.  We are going to do other camps in child labour rehabilitation areas. Michel H., India Read more

Empowerment through education

I have been a school teacher for the past 40 years. I think it is important to empower the most marginalised and disadvantaged children through education. We can do this if we can get more resources to support their families, as well as the communities where they are living. Before I hang up my boots, I would like to see these children and their... Read more

Peace Action for Youth

Dear friends, We had a wonderful peace celebration on 10th of December 2014. There were more than 50 young people who participated in this meeting. After a brief introduction, speakers deliberated on how to reach internally for peace and how to stay calm during times of turbulence. We learnt how soft music can heal the mind and then we spoke... Read more