The Letter to Friends around the World exists in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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Ending Extreme Poverty: A Utopian Vision?

For centuries, extreme poverty has been haunting our sense of humanity. For centuries, children, men and women have been devastated by hunger, trapped in ignorance, locked into a cycle of dependency and humiliation. The world panicked as economic recession—and its dramatic consequences—reared its ugly head. Yet shouldn’t it have... Read more
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"May we dare work toward Justice and Peace!"

New walls have been going up around the world. Some are cement walls that make it almost impossible for people to circulate and to get to know one another. Elsewhere, we see neighborhoods putting up metal gates to prevent camping by people who have nowhere else to go.  Intended to make life safer for some people, these walls condemn others to... Read more
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Bearers of Peace Around the World

On every continent, and in all our neighbourhoods, men and women refuse to accept the daily reality of violence and strive to create opportunities to meet each other and recognise each other's common humanity. Are they not the first actors for peace? We need to find the courage to break the silence and make known their acts and their struggle... Read more
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