The Letter to Friends around the World exists in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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Leaving no-one behind

The families directly hit by typhoon Haïyan, who are desperately searching for their loved ones and supporting each other in the struggle to resist giving up, remind us of all those whose lives are ceaselessly devastated and yet never lose hope. Only recently I met some families in the Paris area who are worried because they are going to have to... Read more
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Letter to Friends around the World "Special Edition - 17 October"

Dear Friends, In this special edition for 17 October of Letter to Friends Around the World, we will be sharing with you experiences from Forum correspondents about how they celebrated the World Day in 2012. The important thing isn't to organise big events, even if several did take place in different countries last year. What's more... Read more
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It was my parents' courage that kept us going.

At Ouagadougou, Fatimata's words resounded "We often had nothing to eat, even in the evening. But we still went to school nevertheless. I know it was my parents' courage that kept us going. Otherwise it would've been impossible." That was last March, at one of the international seminars where members of the ATD Fourth World... Read more
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What do you have to say to us?

The financial, environmental and social crises affecting our world have very serious consequences for people living in the most disregarded places on the planet. They pay a heavy price every day: at the same time their access to basic rights is lessening and suspicions about them are growing. They are even criticised for fighting to survive and... Read more
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Talk without fear and finally reflect together

In a world confronted with so many challenges, there is one resource that remains untapped: the know-how of people who are resisting extreme poverty and trying with all their might to protect their children from its effects. Their history of resistance is founded on their sense of dignity. They have inherited it from those who have preceded them... Read more
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