The Letter to Friends around the World exists in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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Five years later

At the beginning of this year, our thoughts turn once more to the Haitian people. Five years after the earthquake, Haiti is in remembrance for the suffering that was caused and rekindling the hope that was dashed. ATD Fourth World members remind us that in the aftermath of the destruction on the evening of the 12th January 2010, and amidst the... Read more
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In this world, are we someone for other people?

"Many people talk about our problems; many people think that we are a problem, that we have problems. This is not how we see ourselves. Problems are not what define us. What defines us is the questions we ask. And our first question is this: Do we matter for other people in this world? Are our hands, minds, and hearts useful for them?... Read more
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Each child represents an opportunity for the world

In the heart of parents who live every day in conditions of exclusion and severe poverty, lies the hope for a world where each person has their place. To create a future where suffering and constant deprivation will no longer exist, they devote themselves body and soul to their children's education, to make sure they do not abandon their... Read more
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Letter to Friends Around the World - this one specially devoted to 17 October 2014

Dear Friends, We are happy to bring to you another Letter to Friends Around the World - this one specially devoted to 17 October. It contains a poster and extracts from a selection of testimonies and messages posted on the website This website provides a way for us to publicly share our commitments and our experiences.... Read more
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So what do we want to do now?

The work conducted by the ATD Fourth World Movement on five continents to evaluate the impact of the Millennium goals confirms that “anti-poverty policies not thought out with the poorest only very rarely have any impact on them, and too often turn against them”. On the other hand, if we are capable of creating the conditions to... Read more
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