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Social Restaurant

Near to Setubal, Portugal, there is a ‘Social Restaurant’ where every day 115 meals are served, at prices which vary according to the means of the customer. A lot of customers pay nothing, others 10, 20, 30 or 40 pence. About 4 years ago we started collecting unused food from restaurants, and we distributed it to people in need. But... Read more

An escape in the rainy night

Zaw MH, a student from Myanmar in South East Asia, has been writing poems since he was 15 as a way to support his country. Now 23 years old, he likes walking in the city and getting to know the people working in the streets. Then he writes about them to keep track of track of what he has learnt. This poem is about a father selling on the street at... Read more

Caring for those who are isolated

Adonis is a medical student from Cameroon. Wherever he goes, whether it is Togo, Morocco, or elsewhere in the world, he is determined to reach out to the most isolated populations: “I want to go to remote areas so I can volunteer my time and help people get through difficult situations.” Here, he shares with us his experiences in the... Read more

Alongside mothers and children

In 1997 Mamadou G, a young man from a poor area, was put in charge of a small initiative running a government infant nutrition programme. The women were used to malnutrition, to needing vaccinations, and to frequent illnesses, particularly diarrhoea and malaria which is a big problem in this part of Dakar which is frequently flooded. At the end... Read more

We define together with people, what development means for them.

Lenen R., is from Bangladesh and works for the grassroots NGO MATI (which means "Soil") which he founded in 1997. They work in the North of Bangladesh together with people living below the poverty line. MATI works in the fields of women's empowerment, education and livelihood development. Their central approach is that they define... Read more