People's stories of struggle and solidarity. Learn about initiatives worldwide that are making a difference.

Reversing roles to raise awareness and promote social inclusion

The NGO Together! in Ethiopia was founded by a team of professionals who have several years experience working in disability main streaming, computer training, vocational education, and rehabilitation support. They have developed a holistic project aimed at the educational and professional inclusion of people with visual impairments. Their... Read more
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Exhibition on "Access to rights"

AVED is a French acronym standing for “Village association for education and development”. It was set up by villagers from Maka-Colibantan in Senegal and works with the Colibantan Association in France. Together they have created an exhibition entitled “Access to rights: a universal right”. “It’s an educational... Read more
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A Garden for the Children

The 'Dar al Atfal' children's home at Sidi Bernoussi in Casablanca welcomes about 300 children aged between 6 and 18 years old.  Most of them have been abandoned, orphaned, or are from families in great difficulty or broken homes. These children need activities which will enrich their daily lives and help them discover new ideas... Read more
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They are my family..

Luis C. has created a project for men who have experienced exclusion and addiction. Recognising that there was nowhere for them to go when they left rehabilitation centres, he rented a house to welcome them and help them to move on. I started by consulting people who lived and worked in the street, and visiting rehab centres. I thought it was... Read more
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Reaching out to the whole community

Jean E., runs a program with a large NGO called Afrika Tikkun in South Africa. This NGO works from early childhood education to skill training for young people, in townships and very poor areas in the center of Johannesburg. Areas that were deserted by white people at the end of apartheid and was occupied, mostly informally by working class black... Read more