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Maramvyaj Camp for Displaced People

Action for a United World (Azione per un Mondo Unito - AMU) is an Italian NGO that runs development, training and education projects both in Italy and in developing countries. Founded in 1986, it is committed to sustainable cooperation by respecting the social, cultural, and economic local realities. Action for a United World have started a new... Read more
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Bringing people together in one project: The pedagogy of non-abandonment

In Tanzania, a member of ATD Fourth World decided to experiment in a different way. When Reuben M., first left his village for the capital, he worked hard as a badly paid unskilled labourer, but he escaped this fate when he invented a lottery machine. Although this earned him money, he says "I didn’t think it was a good thing to make... Read more

The need to interact with people humbly and sincerely

Professor Tao is teaching Social Work at the College of Humanities and Social Science, Providence University in Taichung City (150km South from Taipei City). He has contributed to setting up inspiring non-profit groups and volunteer programs for his students. He wrote this message a few months ago for the university Student Association of the... Read more

Tackling poverty, shame and social exclusion: Pakistan

A look at poverty, shame and the wealth divide within Pakistan through the eyes of Lahore's poorest and richest residents, depicting the polarisations in profession, education and social life through how they view each other. For more information about this research in Pakistan, please click on the following link: http://povertyshamedignity.... Read more

Tackling poverty, shame and social exclusion: Uganda

Focusing on the capital city Kampala, this film from the University of Oxford's research calls attention to the concerns of poverty in Uganda such as wealth distribution, everyday aspirations and the repercussions of social and economic inequality. For more information about this research in Uganda,please click on the following link: http://... Read more