People's stories of struggle and solidarity. Learn about initiatives worldwide that are making a difference.

Reaching out to the whole community

Jean E., runs a program with a large NGO called Afrika Tikkun in South Africa. This NGO works from early childhood education to skill training for young people, in townships and very poor areas in the center of Johannesburg. Areas that were deserted by white people at the end of apartheid and was occupied, mostly informally by working class black... Read more
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A youth centre for a better future

MATI is an NGO that has been working in the north of Bangladesh since 1997. Their aim is to combine the human forces of energy and love in the universal fight against poverty and for a life in dignity for all human beings. Here's news about their opening of a youth centre. Development begins at your own front door. It has been a long-standing... Read more
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Building relationships on mutual trust

The Real Pearl Foundation is a non-profit civil organisation in Hungary whose primary focus is art education and talent development where they support socially disadvantaged Roma and non-Roma children. They are also heavily involved in family community development programmes. We are operating in one of the most disadvantaged regions of the... Read more
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‘We mix (ingredients) in order to mix (people)!'

During her PhD in Cultural Anthropology at Princeton University, Nadezhda S-G., from Bulgaria examined community development in poor areas employing the arts but she soon she discovered that what actually unites people most is food, and in particular bread as a universal symbol of peace. She founded the Bread Houses Network in 2009. In 2008, when... Read more

Life Stories

Dr. Celia P.V., a physician in a small town hospital in Uruguay, came to know children who were especially disadvantaged and rejected.  Outside working hours, and with little means, she reached out to them.  In the following testimony, she describes how her commitment towards these children started and how hope grew from that special... Read more
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